OMAXE HOLIDAY INN Serviced Apartments Mullanpur New Chandigarh

We regularly visit 5 star inns, Stay in those lovely rooms and return home taking care of those overwhelming tabs. Envision owning a 5 star lodging with all offices and when you return, The Omaxe Holiday Inn New Chandigarh pays you back for coming, not just this Hotel pays all of you your life consistently. Looks fiction right!

Omaxe Holiday Inn New ChandigarhTrust me Omaxe New Chandigarh Mullanpur has it for you. All you have envisioned.

Adjusted condos in Holiday Inn 5 star lodging with 12% guaranteed return and income partaking in benefits begins Rs.40,00,000

Three Different Investment Options

1. In Pool

2. Blended: Pool + self-Use

3. Just Self utilize as it were


  • Omaxe Global business park mullanpur
  • Alongside India exchange tower
  • 4.5 kms to Chandigarh
  • 7 kms to PGI and Panjab University
  • 100 meters to Mullanpur metro station up and coming
  • Inverse Medicity (Tata dedication, Alchemist, Pgi Opd augmentation)

Omaxe Mullanpor Serviced Apartment’s floor Index

Accessible in resale from ninth to 25th floor

Alternative 1: In pool

  • ninth to fourteenth Floor | 480.square.feet
  • fifteenth and sixteenth Floor | Service Area pool, Club, bistro and so on.
  • eighteenth Floor | 960 and 1440.sq.feet
  • nineteenth Floor | 720.sq.feet

Alternative 2: Mixed – Self use + Pool

  • 21st Floor | 480.sq.feet
  • 22nd Floor | 720.sq.feet

Alternative 3: Self utilize as it were

  • 23rd Floor | 720.sq.feet
  • 24th Floor | 960.sq.feet
  • 25th Floor | 1440 and 1920.sq.feet

Grouped for future

  • seventeenth Floor | Classified for future
  • twentieth Floor | Classified for future

Zone and Inner Space Details

1. 480.sf: Bedroom + Pantry + washroom

2. 720.sf: Bedroom + Living Room + Kitchenette + Toilet

3. 960.sf: Bedroom + Living Room + Dining Area + Kitchenette + Toilet

4. 1440sf: 2 Bedrooms + 2 Washrooms + Living Room + Dining Area + Kitchenette